How to be a cuckold?

how to be a cuckold

Have you ever fantasied about having your wife sleep with other men? It’s no strange to have a positive answer. Many couples get bored after getting married for years and they start to seek ways to stimulate their sex life.

Threesome hookup, unicorn dating, cuckold chat…people are looking for some adventure to satisfy their needs.

Tell her

Not every wife has the same fantasy with their husbands. And not every wife would support their husbands’ cuckold dating fantasy at the first time. So first of all, you need to tell your wife you want to get her sleeping with another man.

Maybe you think it would be impossible to get her consent? Then you are wrong. Women actually like cuckold dating more than men do and once you made the conversation and the chance for her to have it a try.

tips for being a cuckold


You need to be bold enough and confess to your wife about your cuckolding fantasy. - what you want and can turn you on. It should be an open discussion as well.

Make sure you talk it through in-depth so that she knows everything about your idea as well as cuckold dating. You’d better make a full preparation before confessing to your wife. She may have a lot of questions to ask.

Your wife might not welcome the cuckold dating idea at the very beginning. And she could also feel angry or disappointed. Make sure you are ready to face every different situation.


Firstly, you need to find a third party. Try it on a cuckold dating site. And you need to know which kind of cuckolding you want to try for the first time. Do you want it to be a submissive, dominant, or humiliated cuck? Many husbands want to see their wife being submissive. They will be turned on when they see their hot wives explores their sexual side with new boyfriends.