My First Cuckold Experience

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I have a sexual fetish of cuckolding but I didn't tell my wife at first. My only interest is in cuckold stories when reading magazines and I watch cuckold porn almost every week.

Then the situation worsened over time since I didn't tell my wife about my sexual fetish. I even imagined eating soggy cannoli and a Slurp job in my sex fantasies. To satisfy my lust, I started shopping for cuckold adult films and nook toys.

We were hardly engaged in carnal activity. Then she implied that I wasn't performing well in the bedroom. As my phallus was 4 inches long, I ejaculated before she could get off my back. It was not the way I wanted to treat her, so I felt bad about it. Yea, I love dabbing my booty. It was finally time, after years of stealth, that I made my desire known to her.

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I find inspiration and enjoyment on the forums of the Reddit hotwife and cuckold dating area. I enjoy watching what other married couples are doing, and sometimes I also share my pictures with those real hotwives. During our first sexual encounter, I asked her to watch some salaciousness. She was drawn to the cuckold story of others because it dealt with cheating homemakers.

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I also gave her sex toys when she was watching adult films. It's different from watching her and the cuckold porn, but the results are the same: I masturbated. Then this became normal for her, and she looked ahead to regular nook sessions.

- Confess sexual fetish to my wife

The other evening, as she was bonking her dildo, I started sucking her tits. Therefore, I asked if she would be interested in having sex with a big bull. She answered, "Yes," with a hefty breath. Then I said I wanted to see how much fun she had with another person. Her cam instantly appeared. Afterward, I asked her about the real cuckolding, she said she was aroused by our cuckold chat but was unable to do it at the moment.

The same thing happened in the next season. It took persistence on her part to openly voice her concerns. She finally confessed that she wanted a sexual encounter with another big cock. She got panicky, so I discussed my fantasy with her again. Eventually, she agreed to find a big bull to meet my cuckold fantasy.

- Seeking big bull on cuckold sites

I created a profile on a cuckold site and posted an ad about us. We got messages very soon and we chose this man called Ross who has a nine-inch cock. He stated that he liked hotwives and cuckold dating so much. And he also had several cuckold chat on the site but those couples are far away when compared with us.

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We met in a bar in the nearby city where he lived. My wife was very edgy at first and then she began to relax after an aperitif. Ross gave us a good impression with his stature and physical fitness. He told us some cuckold stories from other married couples and wished we could have a nice time.

When I asked him if he wanted to fuck my hot wife, Ross replied, "Yes." We continued our conversation bluntly, and she quickly regained her attention. As a result, we scheduled another meeting for a week later.

My wife confessed that she wanted him to shag her when we drove home. It was not like flirting at the cuckold chat rooms. She told me that she would have sex with him now if she had gotten the chance. I told her to text Ross and Ross replied soon. He was enjoying the hotwife chat like he did online. Then my wife started masturbating since she was aroused.

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Then it was the day. We booked a hotel, she wore her new negligee. Her appearance was so hot and arousing. Ross told me he wanted her ready before he met her. As she sat in front of me, she opened her legs, and I sighed with relief. As she spread her legs, I could grab her fanny. The moment she turned her pants over to the side, I caressed her fanny. While she was already wet, I dressed her and she sat up in her chair as the man hugged her.

A few minutes later, he asked me to leave them alone and said it was alright. I told him to wait for her call at the hotel bar. In response to my question about whether she was all right, she said she would get in touch with me later. Her eyes were glassy as she lay back in the chair.

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I went to the bar and ordered a beer, wondering what was going on. I had one beer, and then another, and then another. I have not received a phone call in over two hours, and I didn't expect it to take this long. I started looking at my mobile. It turned out to be fine. I ordered my fourth beer, which I was drinking slowly when she finally sent a message.

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She told me that I could come back. As I rushed into the room, my heart nearly beat faster. When I walked into her bedroom, she was nude and covered by a blanket. She told me that she was fine. I took off my clothes, and she told me that I didn’t want them again. I crept into the bunk next to her, trying to figure out what had happened. It took a lot of courage for her to tell me, but once she saw how excited I was, she went right ahead.

She was asked to strip off all her clothes so that he could watch her. A few minutes later, he asked her to remove his clothes. After that, he made her lick his cock on her patella. She responded that she was eagerly anticipating it. I was shocked because she never goes oral and doesn't suck. Later, they shagged her in every position she was familiar with and some she wasn't.

After that, I started smooching her. She pushed the sheet back and stretched her shank. As I climbed between them, I noted her swollen red clit, which was streaming with caustic liquid. When I saw the opportunity, I seized it with both hands. I licked her clean again. She continued to orgasm.

It drove me to lick her harder and deeper when she began calling me her cum eating bitch. More than once, she came. When I rolled over, she said to jerk the peck off. The second time, I didn't hesitate as she discussed dirty topics with me in a manner that made me feel orgasmic. Then we rested, talked, and I kissed her again. At the end of the day, we got dressed up and went to lunch.

- Ending of my cuckold story

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