Top 5 sexual fetish for married couples

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Most of us do have hidden kinks and fetishes. They are taboos but some of them are becoming more mainstream these days, like BDSM. The movie ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ makes BDSM a hot topic after its showing. Those kinks and fetishes are been talked about more often and openly, bad or good.

So what is sexual fetish?

A fetish refers to an attraction, the sexual excitement to an inanimate object, including body parts, such as feet. A foot fetish is kind of common ones compared with other unknown kinks and fetishes. Most people have heard about this even they don’t have the concept of kink sex. Other common fetishes about body parts include body fluid, body size, and hair fetishes. Now you know that why there are so many people looking for BBW and dating chubby girls.

Kinks and fetishes can vary from person to person and since everyone has different tastes and sexual interests. Many sexual fetishes are way more popular and common than you'd like to imagine:

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A husband who is willing to encourage his wife to sleep with other people because it pleases him. He may also get turned on by seeing another man have hot erotic sex with his wife. The husband is called a cuckold, and the wife will be the cuckold wife, not the cheating wife. He may join them or not. It is different from a pure threesome and not all people enjoy cuckolding.

It is surprising how many married couples find the idea to be exciting and engage in looking for a bull on cuckold dating sites for real cuckold. For couples attracted to engaging in a cuckold relationship, cuckolding can offer an extreme sexual experience.

If you’re turned on by the idea of your wife sleeping with bulls, yet don’t want to go through the emotional risk of seeing her having sex with others, you can explore this kink by dirty talk or virtual sex with a third party.


Swinging lifestyle is also a common sexual fetish for married couples. You can see that wife swapping is a hot topic and category on the porn site as well. And there are real swinger lifestyle sites there. Couples may have different reasons to become swingers, like curiosity, sexual fantasy, spicing life with hotter sex, or they are trying to fix a relationship.

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Some people argue that becoming swingers will help you recover your relationship. That’s true. Without trust and communication, swinging will bring the marriage more harm than good. Swinging will be work and bring enjoyment and benefits only when both of you want to pursue it. Otherwise, do not try swinger lifestyle.


Again, the movie ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ gives BDSM and bondage a highlight time and makes it more mainstream. What is BDSM? The B and D are for bondage and discipline, the D and S are for domination and submission, and the S and M are for sadism and masochism. BDSM sex is about a consensual power exchange.

Typically bondage usually along with kinky sex toys, like rope, leather whip, handcuffs, and so on. The one who takes dominant can restrain the other one with a tie or a rope. There are many forms of bondage like bind wrists together or tie people to a bed or chair. Except for bondage, other common BDSM playing includes femdom spanking, whipping, slave…In a BDSM scenario, both parts get consent from each other and then derive sexual pleasure from those kinks.

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Role-playing means acting out a character which is your sexual fantasy to your sex scene. Role-playing scenarios can be simple or more taboo, here are some examples for you to imagine: doctor and patients, college student and professor, daddy and his little girl, boss and secretary, poor boy and rich housewife.

Role-playing often comes with costumes, which can help them make a real feeling of the character. Sometimes scenes can also be created through dirty talk and pure imagination. Those sexual fetishes can be creepy or metamorphosis, while it can be a healthy way by acting it out by role-playing. The beauty of role-playing is that you can have your partner dress up as you imagine and indulge your fantasy just in your own home.

Group sex

Group sex involves more than one person in the sex event, maybe an orgy or ganbang. Although group sex can mean more than just a threesome hookup, a three way is the most common one compared with a foursome and more. If you've ever swiped on Tinder or Badoo, you're likely aware of the fact that many couples are looking for a third.

If you have a group sex fetish or kink but really don’t want to have sex with so many people, try dirty talk first, or role-playing with sex toys and your lover in your home.

No matter which kind of sexual fetish you would like to have a try, it is advisable to talk and discuss fantasies first. You may watch porn videos to feeling the desire, anger, or jealousy that might arise before into a real cuckold or swinger lifestyle. Find ways to deal with those feelings first is the right way of testing the waters to attest to whether both of you are ready. If you can go through all those bad feelings, there is no big deal with your current relationship.