Why cuckold dating and hotwife chat so attractive?

cuckold dating

Cuckold chat and hotwife dating are not a new phenomenon, and they are becoming more and more popular fetishes between married couples looking for couples for kinky sex. Many married men have such kind of kinky fantasy. Married couples are looking for a third party to explore some new sex adventure to maintain their bored bed life, such as cuckold and hotwife dating.

Like in the femdom dating scenario, females play the dominant role in cuckolding. The essence of femdom dating is female dominance. Females can do whatever they want to fulfill their fetishes. While in a cuckold relationship, husbands watch wives in dominance to satisfy men’s sex fetishes.

What are cuckold dating and hot wife chat?

In a cuckold relationship, a married woman usually has sex with other men in front of her husband along with his full consent and encouragement. It may sound kinky or strange to the average people. But for cuckold men, watching their wives having cuckold chat and sex with other men can turn on them and they are quite enjoyable for being a cuckold.

cuckold men

- Why men like cuckold dating?

Some men fascinated by the cuckolding between their hot wives and friends. While what happens more often is the married couples looking for bulls online at cuckold sites. The husband watches by side when a stranger is having sex with his hot wife, which seems to watch a live porn with his hot wife being the porn star. It’s kind of the biological nature of the men.

Seeing the wife as a sex object arouses men’s erotic nature, which allows him to view her as an unattainable, desirable lady rather than his wife. This, in return, increases his sexual desire for her, and it is usually followed by having hot sex soon.

Another reason why men seeking cuckold dating is that they want to see their hot wives performing sex in dominance or submission with other men. Though it is also a kind of sexual fetish.

- Why couples looking for cuckold dating?

But seeking hotwife dating does not mean that they have quitted the existing relationship. Sex chemistry maybe not as good as that in the previous years. They want sexual and economic liberation to prevent potential cheating and breaking down of the relationship. By looking for cuckolding, it can spice up a couple’s relationship without the guilt of infidelity, or jealously of being cheated on.

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Cuckold dating maintains their relationship with giving more liberation to each other as well as sharing the intimacy of the couple. In this way, couples may keep together for a longer time. While this is not to say you could ignore the possibility of ruining a marriage. So, think twice before you looking for some cuckold chats

- Why do women want to be a cuckold wife?

Whether the cuckolding is brought up by the wife or is persuaded by her husband, there are many reasons why cuckoldress may be exciting for those hot wives. Except for the common reason like the kinky cuckold fetish, sex desires, and diversity, as well as improving the marriage, women seem to have more reason to explore the cuckold dating scenario.

There are two more main reasons for hot wife dating bulls:

One is that it makes them feel more confident in their beauty and attraction. Another reason is that they want to make their husband happy.

Pay attention to women’s feeling

You need to know that not all couples who are looking for cuckold chat and dating will end as they expected to improve or save their marriages. The wife’s feelings may the main factor couples should consider since women are more emotional than men in most cases.

Hot wives give both positive and negative evaluations about their cuckold chat and dating experience. Cuckold wives who thought it is a great experience have various reasons: like the great feeling of engaging in a new sexual adventure, spicing the couple’s sex life as expected, getting closer with each other, feeling younger and more vigorous…

cuckold wives

While not all couples have a happy ending after they bring cuckold dating into their life. Some relationships and marriages even die at the moment when cuckold chat and hotwife dating is brought to their conversations.

We’ve talked about one of the reasons for women to try cuckolding is that they want to please their husbands. Those wives can’t accept in nature, but their husbands keep giving pressure on them. Finally, they agree to try the kinky fetish to fulfill men’s needs.

On the other hand, if the wife can’t understand why their husband want them to be cuckold wives, it could accelerate the broken of the marriage rather than a single quarrel.

For this kind of cuckold wives, we’ve heard that they cried at their first cuckold chat scenario because they felt that something had died. Others said that they just like being watching. It’s kind of weird.

* As you can see, many women positively view hotwife dating, while some have had traumatic experiences. You don’t know whether it will bring good results or bad results to your relationship and marriage, so think twice and communicate deeply before engaging in the cuckold dating pool. If you have decided to have a try, enjoy it!